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Chromosomal polymorphism in Steindachneridion melanodermatum Garavello, 2005 (Siluriformes, Pimelodidae): a reappraisal the existence of sex chromosome system in the species

Daniele Aparecida Matoso, Vera Maria Fonseca de Almeida Val, Maelin da Silva, Américo Moraes – Neto, Mara Cristina Almeida, Marcelo Ricardo Vicare, Orlando Moreira -Filho , Roberto Ferreira Artoni

Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries,  2011, Vol. 21, (3), pp 497-508

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Identification and evaluation of cyp1a transcript expression in fish as molecular biomarker for petroleum contamination in tropical fresh water ecosystems

Nislanha Ana dos Anjos, Tobias Schulze, Werner Brack, Adalberto Luis Val, Kristin Schirmer, Stefan Scholz.

Aquatic Toxicology 103 (2011) 46–52

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Assessment of non-invasive techniques for monitoring mercury concentrations in species of Amazon turtles

Larissa Schneider, Lauren Belger, Joanna Burger, Richard Carl Vogt, Christian Jeitner, Jose Reinaldo Pacheco Peleja

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Dietary salt and water pH effects on growth and Na+ fluxes of silver catfish juveniles

Carlos Eduardo Copatti, Luciano de Oliveira Garcia, Daiani Kochhann, Mauro Alves
Cunha and Bernardo Baldisserotto.

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