Avaliação de respostas metabólicas do tambaqui exposto ao eugenol em banhos anestésicos.

Luis A.K.A. Inoue ; Cheila de Lima Boijink ; RIBEIRO, P. T. ; SILVA, A. M. D. ; AFFONSO, E. G.

Acta Amazonica, vol. 41(2) 2011: 327 – 332

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Anoxia- and hypoxia-induced expression of LDH-A* in the Amazon Oscar, Astronotus crassipinis

Almeida-val, V. M. F. ; Oliveira, A. R. ; Paula-silva, M. N. ; Nozawa, M. S. F. ; Araújo, R. M. ; Val, A. L. ; Nozawa, S. R.

Genetics and Molecular Biology, vol 34,(2), pp: 315-322 (2011)


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The influence of initialfeeding on muscledevelopment and growth in pacu. Piaractus mesopotamicus larvae.

Natalia de Jesus Leitão, Maeli Dal Pai-Silva, Fernanda Losi Alves de Almeida,
Maria Célia Portella

Aquaculture 315 (2011) pp: 78–85

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